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How can I draw a line just below the title of the frame using the beamer class? I want a clear separation between the title of the frame and the content of the frame. Also, I want the block environment to be shaded in blue. The LaTeX code I'm using is

\author[Mister X]{X}
\date{January 15, 2012}

\begin{frame}\frametitle{part 1}
 The following proposition is easy to prove.
 some statement

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You could do it with TikZ, referring to the current page node:

  \tikz[remember picture,overlay] {%
    \draw[blue] ([yshift=-1cm]current page.north west)
             -- ([yshift=-1cm,xshift=\paperwidth]current page.north west);}}
\begin{frame}\frametitle{part 1}

line in frame

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Nice, but it would be nice if I could define a command which does that. Also, the the proposition environment does not look good. – Nadori Jan 21 '12 at 17:25
I made it to a command for you. Please don't mix different questions. It would be good if you post another question for a different problem, such as shaded blocks. That's better for a question & answer site. – Stefan Kottwitz Jan 21 '12 at 17:35

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