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I currently have a resume written in Lyx. I want to make some minor changes to it and just change its content. However, I want to keep the same format (i.e. the same margin, same indentation, etc.) I don't recall what settings I made before. How can make keep the old format settings?

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Can't you simply copy the lyx file, rename it and make your changes in that copy? Margins, indention and other spaces, if different from the standard, can be checked in the document settings – Martin H Jan 23 '12 at 10:03
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This is extending @Martin H's suggestion:

  • Take the CV_old.lyx file you have
  • Edit it in a way that it becomes a kind of a template (keep the formats you like, the text you want to use as standard / start.....)
  • In Document | Settings click on Save as Document Defaults
  • Now save this template as (for example:) CV.lyx
  • As root, move the file to /usr/share/lyx/templates or wherever your lyx templates are sitting

From here, you should have a template with exactly the settings you like for each CV you write.

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This works! Thank you. – GTyler Jan 28 '12 at 19:41

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