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I am preparing a book which will be printed in two separate volumes, and I'd like to show in the ToC the full content in both, either in two separate ToCs (Index for Volume I / Index for Volume II), or as a single ToC where the volume number becomes an unnumbered part which contains chapters and sections for that book.

I have looked around, but I can't find an answer. I am using memoir if it makes any difference.

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This should work. Suppose the other volume is named volumetwo and the file volumetwo.toc already exists.


\tableofcontentsfrom{volumetwo}{Contents of Volume 2}

(It is a modification of original \tablofcontents and \@starttoc macros.)

Automated variant with one long TOC for both volumes (I just hadn't automated the choice of the top-level according to book/report/article class)

 \let\l@toplevel\l@part%    use for BOOK class
% \let\l@toplevel\l@chapter% use for REPORT class
% \let\l@toplevel\l@section% use for ARTICLE class


\begin{gentoc}{Complete Table of Contents}
\gentocfile{First volume}{volumeone}
\gentocfile{Second volume}{volumetwo}
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Thanks a lot, I'll try it in a couple of hours and report back. – ludoo Jan 24 '12 at 11:12
Neat suggestion, though you may want to insert a \makeatother command following the \endgroup statement. – Mico Jan 24 '12 at 12:59
@Mico: Sorry, but I don't catch what you mean. The example I provided is fully operational. – yo' Jan 24 '12 at 13:02
@Mico -- in the example, \makeatletter is after \begingroup, so it will just disappear at the \endgroup. – barbara beeton Jan 24 '12 at 13:53
In the end I went with a slightly different approach: each volume will have its own detailed toc, but before that I will place a general toc that includes volume I/II as parts, and each book's chapters skipping sections, using a hand-edited file. \makeatletter \def\pianoDellOpera#1{ \section*{#1\@mkboth{\MakeUppercase#1}{\MakeUppercase#1}}% \begingroup\makeatletter% \@input{piano_dell_opera.toc}% \endgroup% } It's exactly what I needed, thanks to everybody who contributed to this thread! – ludoo Jan 25 '12 at 10:30

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