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I'm trying to make an mdframed environment for numbered multi-page boxes. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to make the formatting and the numbering work as I want it to. I've tried the following two approaches.


The following code gives me the correct labelling behaviour, but I can't use the mdfdefinestyle frametitle commands to make a nice shaded box like in this example. Even worse, it won't split the box over multiple pages!

%% Define box environment as a mock theorem
% Give the box style

% Define the theorem style with amsthm
\newtheoremstyle{box}% <name>
{3pt}% <Space above>
{3pt}% <Space below>
{}% <Body font>
{}% <Indent amount>
{\bfseries}% <Theorem head font>
{\\}% <Punctuation after theorem head>
{.5em}% <Space after theorem headi>
{#1 #2: #3}% <Theorem head spec (can be left empty, meaning `normal')>

% Define the new environment

% Example usage: 
%  - xrefs works as expected
%  - formatting not ideal
%  - box won't break across multiple pages
\begin{infobox}[Box title]
blah blah


Alternatively if I try to define a newmdenv, the numbering doesn't want to work and I can't get the label in the right place. I can't post images but I basically get the counter on Box 1.0 and the xref on Box 1.1, and the "Box 1.0" part is outside of the frame.


%% set the counter for your environment

%% define the style

%% setup the environments
    frametitlefont={\bfseries Box~\theinfobox\quad},%

\chapter{Section One}
Box~\ref{box:infobox} but compare with \theinfobox
\begin{infobox}[frametitle=Some Headlinetext]


It seems like I should be able to do this with some version of the second template. After all, a framed box isn't a theorem.

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Can you make your first example a fully compilable document as is already the case for the second. – Peter Grill Jan 25 '12 at 20:46
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This example works for me:




        frametitle={Infobox \theinfobox\ #1},
        skipabove=\baselineskip plus 2pt minus 1pt,
        skipbelow=\baselineskip plus 2pt minus 1pt,





Infobox \ref{ibx:sausage} says:

\begin{infobox}[Fried eggs]

Infobox \ref{ibx:eggs} says:



The use of \refstepcounter instead of \stepcounter makes the current value of the infobox counter available for referencing in the text.

Note that I used the current github version of mdframed to compile this example. I didn't test whether or not it works with the current ctan version, which is older.

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That works for me. Thanks! – jkeirstead Jan 26 '12 at 9:42

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