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I have modified the \part command style in a memoir document as in the following minimal example:



\renewcommand*{\beforepartskip}{\null\vskip 0pt plus -0.3fil}
\renewcommand*{\midpartskip}{\par\vskip 0pt plus 1.0fil}
\renewcommand{\printpartname}{\partnamefont\raggedleft Part} 
\renewcommand{\printpartnum}{\partnamefont\thepart \\ \vspace{-15pt} \hrulefill} 




\chapter{A Chapter}

\renewcommand*{\midpartskip}{\par\vspace 2\onelineskip}
\chapter{An Appendix}


Why in the blank page relative to the \part* command the title "Appendix" is not flushright? In other words, I would like to change the \part style after appendix in such a way that the title "Appendix" in the blank page is flushright (in the middle of the page). How to do this?

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An easy way is attaching \raggedleft to the part title (and name) font, such as by:


or if you keep it the same, for the other font simpler


This works as you can see in these definitions of memoir.cls:

\newcommand{\printpartname}{\partnamefont \partname}
\newcommand{\printparttitle}[1]{\parttitlefont #1}

Regarding your try:

  • \reggedleft is unknown, I guess it's a mistake and you mean \raggedleft.

  • \printpartname is used for numbered parts, so not for a starred part by \part*. You could redefine \printparttitle for this.

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It works... Thanks for the explanation! – Daniele Jan 27 '12 at 14:19

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