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I'm using the minted, floatrow, caption, and listing packages to create code blocks like these:

my code block

To do this, I'm using a hack based on this answer. Here is what I have:


% the number style (from fancyvrb package):

% caption style
% this is from floatrow package:

  \setkeys{minted@opt}{linenos,fontfamily=courier,fontsize=\scriptsize, xleftmargin=21pt}

And I call mycode like this:

\begin{mycode}{ruby}{Código do método Project\#tasks\_by\_position (versão 3)}{code:tdd_code3}
# app/models/project.rb
def tasks_by_position position
  tasks.select { |item| item.position.to_s == position.to_s }

The problem is that when using the floatrow package, the [H] "put it here" placement option doesn't work, and my code is placed at the end of the text. If I remove the floatrow package, the code works fine, but I can't put the caption at the top and the line at the bottom.

edited (30/01/2012)

As egreg asked, I made an minimal example and realize that the problem is that I'm using the \documentclass{abnt} from abntex package. If I use the \documentclass{book}, for example, it works. Unfortunately, this package have only Brazilian Portuguese documentation and it's not updated since 2006.

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It doesn't happen to me. Please, make a minimal example showing the problem. – egreg Jan 28 '12 at 10:11
Thanks for the code above, useful for me. For the preamble I needed to add \definecolor{MidnightBlue}{HTML}{191970} besides the basics (documentclass{...}, begin{document}, end{document}). – Jodi Schneider Aug 31 '13 at 9:49