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I am using Kile to convert a .tex file to HTML (LaTeX to web) but when I look at the HTML page it does not show me the images. I tried including them in PostScript and PNG but still the HTML page does not show the images.

Here is an example that show the LaTeX file with the image:




I tried with both PostScript and PNG and got the same result. It also complained about using the graphicx package.

Any suggestions?

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We will need to see the exact detail of this issue, for example 'complained' does not give us enough information to help. – Joseph Wright Aug 5 '12 at 11:39
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First, you should use \includegraphics only with .eps image format.

Then, you should try to compile your tex like this: .tex->.dvi->.html or .tex->.dvi->.ps->.html.

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