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I am a newbie with biblatex, and would like to accomplish the following:

For a reference that is typically displayed as:

Blastname N., Alastname N. and Clastname N., Title of article, Journal of Something, p.5-15, 2012

I would like to redefine the display as follows:

Title of article, with Alastname N. and Blastname N., Journal of Something, p.5-15, 2012

(i.e., always purge author Clastname N.)

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Interesting question! I'm assuming that there shouldn't be changes to the sequence "Alastname N., Blastname N." -- please edit your question if I'm correct. –  lockstep Jan 29 '12 at 22:41
In fact the authors are rearranged in alphabetical order after the "with"! –  user11275 Jan 30 '12 at 14:09

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With biber as the backend, you can map a co-author list obtained from author to the custom field namea. This is done with the source map feature available in the document preamble via \DeclareSourcemap (and biblatex 2+) or through the biber.conf file. Here's a simple example of the former approach that makes use of commands from the xpatch package to modify the bibliography style.


      \step[fieldsource=author, match={Doe, John}, final]
      \step[fieldset=namea, origfieldval]
      \step[fieldsource=namea, match={and Doe, John}, replace={}]
      \step[fieldsource=namea, match={Doe, John and}, replace={}]


     not test {\ifnameundef{namea}}
     test {\ifnumgreater{\value{labelname}}{1}}
    {\setunit{\addcomma\space with\addcolon\addspace}%

  author = {Doe, John and Brown, Anne and Smith, Jane},
  title = {First author title},
  journaltitle = {Journal title},
  date = {2006}}
  author = {Brown, Anne and Doe, John and Smith, Jane},
  editor = {Doe, Ed},
  title = {Second author title},
  date = {2009}}
  author = {Brown, Anne and Smith, Jane and Doe, John},
  title = {Last author title},
  date = {2010}}
  author = {Doe, John},
  title = {Sole author title},
  journaltitle = {Journal title},
  date = {2006}}
  author = {Brown, Anne and Doe, Jane},
  title = {No authorship title},
  date = {2010}}


enter image description here

Note that the original author list order is retained. To impose another order you can discard the source map and create namea lists manually.

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Thank you, looks nice! I will try this after I install biber etc. –  user11275 Jan 30 '12 at 14:10
@user11275 No problem. I should've mentioned that the matching done in sourcemap supports regular expressions. See this answer from PLK for an example. The biber manual gives the details. –  Audrey Jan 30 '12 at 14:17

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