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I have seen the command \shortstack in some nodes in TikZ (for example, the accepted answer here).

What is used for? I couldn't find its definition in the TikZ manual.

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\shortstack is not part of tikz. It is used to stack items over each other. Note that the MWE does not use any packages.

enter image description here


\shortstack[alignment]{line 1 \\ line 2 \\ line 3 etc. }

where the valid alignement are:

r - right aligned
l - left aligned
c - centered (default)



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\shortstack is not a tikz-specific command. It is part of the standard LaTeX distribution and is defined in latex.ltx with the following format:


Here is the original definition(s):

    \baselineskip-\p@\lineskip 3\p@
    \expandafter\let\csname mb@#1\endcsname\relax
\gdef\@ishortstack#1{\ialign{\mb@l {##}\unskip\mb@r\cr #1\crcr}\egroup}

It is meant to stack things on top of one another like in a tabular. However, it has a shorter \baselineskip, causing a shorter vertical stacking of elements.

Here is a minimal example showing some of the difference between tabular and \shortstack:

enter image description here

  \verb|\shortstack|: & \shortstack{Predefined\\Process} \hspace{1cm}
    \shortstack[r]{Predefined\\Process} \hspace{1cm}
    \shortstack[l]{Predefined\\Process} \\ \hline
  \verb|tabular|: & \begin{tabular}{@{}c@{}}Predefined\\Process\end{tabular} \hspace{1cm}
    \begin{tabular}{@{}r@{}}Predefined\\Process\end{tabular} \hspace{1cm}

Note the reduced baseline skip in \shortstack. Also, \shortstack necessarily has a zero-width horizontal padding. Finally, the default alignment for \shortstack is along the baseline, while tabular allows for top, center (default), or baseline.

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\shortstack is defined in the basic latex.ltx file. its purpose is to set text in multiple lines within a confined area.

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