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I am trying to restate a theorem environment using theomac.sty which floats around, following a suggestion I received here:

how do I refer back to counters?

The package I downloaded loads well, but whenever I run pdflatex I get the following error:

! You can't use `\spacefactor' in vertical mode.
l.199 \@

I am confused what it means. I tried following it a bit in google, but it still does not make much sense to me.

Here is the lemma environment my style file defines:


The theomac style file can be found in: http://cookp.com/thread/1500775/Equation%20kopieren%20referenzieren

can someone identify why I am getting this error? Just a hint as to what it means could be also helpful... I can't find the command spacefactor in either syle files (theomac.sty or the style file that defines theorems.)

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solved. had to use \makeatletter and \let command exactly as it appears in cookp.com/thread/1500775/Equation%20kopieren%20referenzieren. – klew Oct 19 '10 at 4:14
please do try to check for this small syntax errors before posting questions. Trying to write down a complete minimal example is also always very helpful. – Juan A. Navarro Oct 19 '10 at 9:18

klew commented on his question: had to use \makeatletter and \let command exactly as it appears in cookp.com/thread/1500775/Equation%20kopieren%20referenzieren., where the following snippet appears, in the context of a Latex file that uses packages hyperref and theomac:

% copy the equation-environment to the \myequation-environment:

% transform the copied environment which also uses the equation-counter
% into such which takes optional argument for defining a macro:


By not expanding the macro \equation when assigning it to \myequation, it allows the macro to be reused in creating a new theorem style.

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I've posted an answer to this qn, which is one that the original qner solved in order to let it be taken off the Unanswered list. Summarising a solution that has sat in comments for ages is good for the site, since it makes the Unanswered list more useful and improves our site's statistics. – Charles Stewart Oct 26 '10 at 13:18

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