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I'm using LyX for my LaTeX editing, and I use LyX's matrix editing capabilities to edit xypic matrices. While this is much more comfortable than editing raw xypic LaTeX code, it can get quite messy when I try to use it for large graphs.

Is there any graphical xypic editor that can help me with that? A program that allows me to graphically draw graphs, and export them as xypic LaTeX code?

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The answer is the single word "No".

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Inside Lyx you can easily compose XY-Pic figures. With instant preview activated, you can see the result immediately without recompiling. The following picture should give you an idea what this amounts to::

enter image description here

If this is what you are interested in, check the manual at my homepage.

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Thanks, but that doesn't really help me. My problem is not previewing the xypic diagram - my problem is editing complex diagrams, that get to wide to fit in the screen(and then I have to zoom out, and it get's difficult to read the text etc...). With the instant preview I still need to edit the xypic diagrams using the matrix interface, so it doesn't solve the problem. – Idan Arye Aug 19 '12 at 8:27

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