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I have a document that uses \usepackage{endnotes}. When the document class is book it works fine but when the document class is amsbook, I exceed TeX capacity with stack_size, save_size and param_size set as large is pdftex will allow.

1) Any suggestions as to why amsbook doesn't like endnotes?

2) Is there an endnotes package that does get along with amsbook?

Thanks for any insight.

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here at ams we've successfully published at least one book that used endnotes along with a document class based on amsbook. if you provide a minimal working example i will try to figure out what the problem is. – barbara beeton Feb 1 '12 at 20:31

The problem is in the definition of \enoteheading in endnotes.sty; call the package in this way:


If you want endnotes at the end of every chapter, use \section* instead of \chapter*

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