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I was trying to add french language support into gost-780 style. I modified some functions (bbl.vvolume, bbl.vvol, bbl.edition) and now I am getting error:

"french" is a string literal not an integer, for entry guilcher_2003.

I am not very familiar with BibTex syntax and so I ask ypur help. Here is the links: http://leftparagraphs.ru/lj/style.bst

I can't post the third link to the .tex file (because of antispam filter). You need to add \cite{guilcher_2003} code.

Thanks for further help.

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Just a guess: Maybe you are missing an = sign in one of the curlanguage = "french" lines? – krlmlr Feb 4 '12 at 7:47
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in function bbl.edition (line 344) you have

curlanguage = "french" 

but it should be:

curlanguage "french" =

It puts curlanguage and the string french on the stack and = compares these two values.

However, you have a lot of errors in your bibliography data file. You can find them with



run this example file one time with pdflatex and then bibtex as long as bibtex reports an error in your bib file.

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Thanks Herbert. Now I'm fixing errors in bib files :). – Georg Feb 4 '12 at 11:44

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