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At my class I am supposed to write a report where the chapter headings are always in uppercase, but have to printed in sentence case in the table of contents. For regular chapters I have achieved this by using


but I cannot figure out how to achieve the same result for the bibliography. I have used


but then the bibliography heading is printed twice in the table of contents. Is there any way to force the table of contents to print the references heading once?

Here is the preamble for the document

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{report} 
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Welcome to TeX.SX! With the standard classes the bibliography is not automatically added to the table of contents, so you should at least provide information about the class you're using and relevant parts of the preamble. – egreg Feb 6 '12 at 15:56
I am using the report class for my document so the bibliography is added automatically to the toc. – Ilya Shmorgun Feb 6 '12 at 16:02
No, the report class doesn't do that; so the addition is due to some package you're loading. – egreg Feb 6 '12 at 16:08
I believe that a MWE would make your situation and desires clear. – yo' Feb 6 '12 at 16:18
Here is the preamble for the document \documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{report} % Packages \usepackage{apacite} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{anysize} \usepackage{setspace} \usepackage{lscape} \usepackage{parskip} \usepackage{float} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{url} \usepackage{times} – Ilya Shmorgun Feb 6 '12 at 18:04
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Use your code, but call


Remember, though, to issue


in order to be sure that the page reference is correct.

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This worked. Thank you very much! – Ilya Shmorgun Feb 7 '12 at 9:27

The package apacite provides their own bibliography environment. Therefore, the package offers some options. Related to your questions the important options are:

  • tocbib
  • notocbib

The manual explains:


This puts the bibliography in the table of contents, even if it is unnumbered, provided of course that a table of contents is requested in the document (by \tableofcontents). This is the default.


This does not put the bibliography in the table of contents if it is an unnumbered section or chapter. If it’s numbered, it is always in the table of contents.

So you have to set the option notocbib.

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Thank you very much for your help! – Ilya Shmorgun Feb 7 '12 at 9:28

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