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I am trying to process the following into Avery 5160 mailing labels, using the \skipblank code that someone else posted on this site to suppress blank lines:

%commands to skip blank or missing fields  
%* version replaces with space only  



\DTLforeach{maillist}    {\name=Contact,\site=SiteName,\addra=Addressa,\addrb=Addressb,\addrc=Addressc,\city=City,\st=StateProv,\zip=PostCode,\country=Country,\role=Role,\fname=Firstname,\lname=Lastname,\tit=Title}{%  

\skipblank*{\name},\ \skipblank*{\role}\\  
\city\ \st\ \zip\ \ \country  



But I keep getting the following LaTeX error:

! Missing control sequence inserted.
<inserted text>
l.43 }

! Missing { inserted.
<recently read> }

l.43 }

! Missing } inserted.

It was my understanding that unmatched } errors were related to fragile commands, hence the use of \MakeRobustCommand{}, but this doesn't seem to help. It is extremely frustrating. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Can you provide some entries of you csv file. Up to now we can't test your example. – Marco Daniel Apr 14 '12 at 22:14
Without a complete demo, we can't hope to answer this. – Joseph Wright May 6 '12 at 8:22