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Is there an easy way for Latex to ignore all special characters in a given phrase? For example, I had to copy several links which contained the symbol _ . I know that it is possible to put \ in front of every special character, to ignore it. But I was wondering if there is a command of the form

\ignore{^&%$###___} that outputs exactly '^&%$###___' in the pdf document?

Thank you.

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To just insert the characters, use \verb|^&%$###___|. But this doesn't insert any line breaks.

To give the string proper line breaks for a url, \usepackage{url} and use \url{^&%$###___}.

To also make it a clickable link, \usepackage{hyperref} and again use \url{^&%$###___}.

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if one do not need the features of hyperref it makes more sense to use \usepackage{url} – Herbert Feb 7 '12 at 21:52

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