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Starting from a more complex trial to add a new shape, I arrive to this minimal example which does not compile. I use PGF 2.10


\node[minex] {};

The received error message is :

ERROR: Package PGF Math Error: Unknown function `center' (in 'center').

TeX said:

See the PGF Math package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.7 \node[minex] {};
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Define at least a center anchor, then the error goes away:

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Add some definitions (inherited or not) :


  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{north west}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{south east}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{south west}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{north east}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{base east}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{base west}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{mid east}
  \inheritanchor[from=rectangle]{mid west}
\node[shape=minex] {};
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