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All right, this is driving me crazy... I have thesis example template with one reference that I'm trying to compile with TeXstudio on Windows 7.

My thesis template looks like this:

...a bunch of text
This is some more text \cite{greenwade93}.

My references are in References.bib:

author  = "George Greenwade",
title   = "The {C}omprehensive {T}ex {A}rchive {N}etwork ({CTAN})",
year    = "1993",
journal = "TUGBoat",
volume  = "14",
number  = "3",
pages   = "342--351"

The bibliography shows up with the reference at the end of my thesis and the .bbl file looks fine. However, the citation in the text is just a bolded question mark.

I do get a warning that:

"Latex Warning: Citation 'greenwade93' on page 4 undefined on input line 810."

This is my thesis.bbl file:


George Greenwade.
\newblock The {C}omprehensive {T}ex {A}rchive {N}etwork ({CTAN}).
\newblock {\em TUGBoat}, 14(3):342--351, 1993.


This is my thesis.blg file:

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99dThe top-level auxiliary file: thesis.aux
The style file: plain.bst
Database file #1: References.bib

The thesis.aux also looks fine to me... The last few lines of the .aux file are:

\@writefile{toc}{\contentsline {chapter}{Bibliography}{6}{subsection.4.3.2}}

I've searched here and through google for this problem and have found lots... But most of the answer seem to be to run Latex > Bibtex > Latex > Latex

But that is what I'm already doing I think, so I'm stumped. Any help is much appreciated!

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If I build with your information snippets a minimal example it works fine. So the problem lies in something you are not telling. So try to make a small but complete example. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 13 '12 at 9:57
You are probably removing the .aux file prior to running LaTeX again. – egreg Feb 25 '12 at 14:23
When I run the minimum example using TeXStudio, I get the same problem, so it is to do with TeXStudio and the way it is configurated... – user12522 Mar 11 '12 at 22:13

I just had the same thing happen to me after installing texstudio on my new pc. I ran it in the command prompt so I could see the errors (must be a way to do this in texstudio, but whatever)...

pdfatex mytexfile  
bibtex mytexfile

turns out I had two problems:

1) my bibstyle hplain.bst wasn't being found (probably not your problem but you could try using "bibliographystyle{c:/blablabla/plain}", where blablabla would be the path to the plain.bst found by typing plain.bst into google.

2) there were some error in the .bib file I referenced in mytexfile.tex

I fixed these two problems and presto! Don't know why my bibtex previously ran back when I used to use the command line version installed on my terminal at work, but either way it works now. I think the thing it was most mad about was my use of % to comment things, which apparently is not appropriate in BibTeX.

Anyways... hopes this helps someone out there. Toodles.

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I also had this problem. I solved it by setting the path of the bibtex.exe as the following steps:

  1. click the Options menu
  2. click Configuration TeXstudio
  3. click Command and the enter the path of bibtex.exe in your machine, for example its path in my PC is C:/Program Files (x86)/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin/bibtex.exe, you can enter it as follows:

    "C:/Program Files (x86)/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin/bibtex.exe  " %
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I had a related problem -- my citations were not visible in the main PDF. To fix this I removed the empty spaces in the filename of my .bib and re-referenced it in the main .tex file. This worked.

old filename: "my references.bib" new filename: "myRef.bib"

Of course, changed the main.tex file's \bibliography{myRef} to include the new filename.

Hope this helps.


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I had a related problem, and a Google search led me to this question ... so I will leave my solution here, in case others run into the same problem. I was using TeXstudio and running BibTeX but no references or citations were showing up. No errors popped up when compiling.

The problem was that I was using


instead of


so TeXstudio was looking for a file references.bib.bib, which of course did not exist.

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