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I have a table (10000 rows and 14 cols) in a ascii file, which contain only the y - components.

In my case the x's values are 1 till 10000.

Is it possible to tell Tikz to plot from a table only with the y-component? I am aware of x expr=\coordindex, but then i need to import each column separately using addplot (in my case 14 times) and i need to define the color of each column separately.

Is there an elegant solution to read the table, use the position of the y value as x position and different color for each column?

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You can extract the number of columns using \pgfplotsgetcolsof{<table macro or file name>}, and then loop over the columns using \pgfplotsinvokeforeach (which is similar to TikZ' \foreach):

Y1  Y2  Y3  Y4
1   2   2   5
1   3   7   1
8   2   3   1
9   5   3   6

\pgfplotsinvokeforeach {0,...,\numberofycols}{
    \addplot table [x expr=\coordindex, y index=#1] {\datatable};
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how would this solution be change if i read the table from a file? – Eagle Feb 15 '12 at 17:01
i would like to generate legend as well. How could i do it? – Eagle Feb 15 '12 at 17:31
@Eagle: Just change the pgfplotstableread line to read from your file. As for the legend part, that's a separate question I think. Try some \addlegendentrys as the documentation explains. – sappjw May 29 '12 at 13:23

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