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I have a problem with the reference of an annex. In the main .tex file I put

%... couple of lines before this
\include{ThesisChapter4} % 
\include{ThesisAppendixA} % Appendix A

and in Appendix A I write this:

\chapter*{Appendix A}
\label{ThesisAppendixA} \thispagestyle{plain} %\pagenumbering{roman}


In the page of ThesisChapter4, I tried to refer to the chapter of Appendix A with this:

 A complete procedure is provided in chapter \ref{chap:Appendix A}.

However, when I look at the created PDF, this is shown as

 A complete procedure is provided in chapter ??.

I have actually managed to refer to different figures before, however so far these refer to labels in the same file (for instance, in thesis chapter 4, I refer to a certain figure in the thesis chapter 4). When I tried to reference to chapter Appendix A, it fails. I tried to refer to the label also (image1) but it also fails.

Does anyone know how to fix above problem?

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Your label is ThesisAppendixA, not chap:Appendix A. – Torbjørn T. Feb 15 '12 at 18:20
@TorbjørnT. Yes, I am aware of that . However, if I do this, the result is "A complete procedure is provided in chapter 4.4" where 4.4 being my current section. I tried to have a result of "..in chapter Appendix A" instead – heike Feb 15 '12 at 18:23
Ah, yes, sorry. That would be because you're using an unnumbered chapter (I didn't notice at first). You could perhaps add the nameref package, and use ... is provided in \nameref{ThesisAppendixA}, but it doesn't solve the figure reference. Depending on document class, you may have an \appendix command, that switches the numbering of subsequent chapters to A, B, C etc., instead of 1, 2, 3. Then you can use a numbered chapter, and refer to it as usual. Which class are you using? – Torbjørn T. Feb 15 '12 at 18:51
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You can't make a reference to a \chapter*, because it is unnumbered.

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The general way of utilizing appendix chapters is to issue \appendix once before using the regular \chapter{...} for each appendix. What \appendix does (in the standard book and report document classes) is:



  • Restarts the chapter counter numbering (\setcounter{chapter}{0});
  • Restarts the section counter numbering (\setcounter{section}{0}). This is usually done automatically when you "make a new \chapter" (actually, via a \[ref]stepcounter), but not when you just set a counter as is done in the previous step;
  • Modifies the chapter heading to read Appendix <num> (actually \appendixname\ <num>) rather than Chapter <num>; and
  • Modifies the chapter counter to be CAPITALIZED alphabetic (A, B, C, ...).

That way you don't have to use \chapter*{Appendix A} but rather something more symbolic like \chapter{Pseudocode} that includes a name for the particular appendix. Using the latter, you can now reference the appendix in the usual way you would a regular chapter, since it is numbered with a referenceable counter.

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