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I am trying to make a table with 10 columns. For some reason, when I add an 11th column, the table no longer compiles.

Below is, I believe, a minimum working example.

Specifically, the table works with


but it does not work with


Note that the following ONLY compiles because it is the version with the 9 rather than the 10. I would like for it to have the 10 so I can insert an extra column.

My tables begin as:


 & (1) & (2) & (3) & (4) & (5) & (6) & (7) & (8) & (9) & (10) \\  

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I've edited the MWE here down to an absolute minimum to show the issue: this should help other uses see what is going on. In particular, the issue is independent of tabularx. –  Joseph Wright Feb 15 '12 at 20:05

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Your problem is that the * syntax takes a single argument: it does not keep 'looking' for a number. So instead of


you need


Notice the braces around the 10.

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