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I'd like to change the way the header is presented in an AMS-LaTeX file... I based my file on testmath.tex.

First, I'd like to allow my header, or represented by \markboth, to show up in the first page.

Second, instead of showing REFERENCE in the header of the pages where reference is listed, I'd like to make my file present the header as in other pages.

How can I do this?

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the file testmath.tex uses \documentclass{article} which has no inherent connection to amsmath, and thus not to ams-latex. amsmath is an add-on package that has no effect on page headers. so this question applies to any use of the basic latex article class. – barbara beeton Feb 17 '12 at 18:54
  1. Say, instead of the simple \maketitle,


    This will override the choice of page style empty made by the command.

  2. Put in the preamble


    This will neutralize the \markboth command issued by thebibliography (via \@mkboth which is usually equivalent to \markboth).

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