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Is there a free package to get non-upright (i.e. italic or slanted) blackboard symbols in a Type1 font?

It's easy to get three of the four properties (i.e. blackboard italic font, http://www.pctex.com/mtpro2.html), but I failed to find a package with all four properties combined. If there is some alternative to blackboard which also looks like a set symbol it would be fine, too.

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It is also possible to use mf2pt1 or metatype1 utilities to convert MetaFont sources of bbmsl fonts to PostScript Type1 fonts. However, I have no any experience about it. – Leo Liu Feb 18 '12 at 10:11
Thanks for the tips. As your answer below completely fits my needs, I didn't test those, but thanks for pointing me to additional ressources if my needs grow. – Patrick Häcker Feb 18 '12 at 10:41
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You can use fake slanted font by coordinate transformations.

  \pdfliteral{1 0 0.167 1 0 0 cm}#1\pdfliteral{1 0 -0.167 1 0 0 cm}}



pdfTeX or LuaTeX is required.

enter image description here

For latex+dvipdfmx or XeTeX, you can use \special{pdf: literal ...} instead of \pdfliteral{...}. i.e.

  \special{pdf: literal 1 0 0.167 1 0 0 cm}#1\special{pdf: literal 1 0 -0.167 1 0 0 cm}}
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Thanks a lot, this gives great results. – Patrick Häcker Feb 18 '12 at 10:20

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