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Is there a way to get values for predefined dash patterns such as dotted? I would like to use those in another program to create the same visual experience. Or do I have to define my own patterns in order to have the same values?

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You can find the definitions of these and many others in the tikz.code.tex file in your distribution (e.g. MikTeX has it under C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\generic\pgf\frontendlayer\tikz\ )

\tikzstyle{solid}=                   [dash pattern=]
\tikzstyle{dotted}=                  [dash pattern=on \pgflinewidth off 2pt]
\tikzstyle{densely dotted}=          [dash pattern=on \pgflinewidth off 1pt]
\tikzstyle{loosely dotted}=          [dash pattern=on \pgflinewidth off 4pt]
\tikzstyle{dashed}=                  [dash pattern=on 3pt off 3pt]
\tikzstyle{densely dashed}=          [dash pattern=on 3pt off 2pt]
\tikzstyle{loosely dashed}=          [dash pattern=on 3pt off 6pt]
\tikzstyle{dashdotted}=              [dash pattern=on 3pt off 2pt on \the\pgflinewidth off 2pt]
\tikzstyle{densely dashdotted}=      [dash pattern=on 3pt off 1pt on \the\pgflinewidth off 1pt]
\tikzstyle{loosely dashdotted}=      [dash pattern=on 3pt off 4pt on \the\pgflinewidth off 4pt]
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Damn, you beat me to it by about 15 seconds! This is better than my one too, so +1! – qubyte Feb 21 '12 at 12:58
Thanks for the very quick answer! – Eike Feb 21 '12 at 13:09
side question: why is the line width referenced using \the in the dashdotted variants, but not in the dotted variants? – burnpanck Jul 31 '15 at 14:20
@burnpanck Works both ways so probably just inconsistency. – percusse Jul 31 '15 at 16:10

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