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Similar to the backref package that enables back-referencing for bibliographic items in a LaTeX document, I want to use back-references in my list of figures. Is there a clean way to accomplish this?

EDIT: I want to add text behind the caption in the LoF, on what pages a given figure is referenced.

For example:

2.3 Visualisation of the manufacturing process (referenced on page 3,4 and 8) ......... 3

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The LoF and LoT are usually furnished with links when using the hyperref package. So this is probably what you are looking for. – Thorsten Donig Feb 23 '12 at 8:34
@Thorsten: That is true. A link is already established and when clicked, the view jumps to the corresponding page. I want to insert text behind the caption, though. – Eric Feb 23 '12 at 9:12
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This is just a proof of concept, it do not check for duplicate references on the same page or for two or more ref, etc. It still need a lot of refinement and protection against active chars, make it work with hyperref, etc.

To use it, put the command \makefigreflist in your preamble and use the custom \figcaption[shortcap]{longcap}{label} and \figref{label} commands. It must be latexed twice.

EDIT 1: Write info direct to output file and made it a little bit more safe





        {\expandafter\protected@xdef\csname frl@#1\endcsname{#2}}%
        {\expandafter\protected@xdef\csname frl@#1\endcsname{\csname frl@#1\endcsname, #2}}}

        {\ (not referenced)}%
        {\ (referenced on page~\@nameuse{frl@#1})}}







    \figcaption{First figure}{fig:01}
    \figcaption{Second figure}{fig:02}
    \figcaption{Third figure}{fig:03}


In figure \figref{fig:01} and \figref{fig:02} it is..
In figure \figref{fig:01}
In figure \figref{fig:01} and \figref{fig:02} it is..


enter image description here

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