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For my thesis, after my title page (1st page), on the next few pages I want to put a

page 2: dedication

page 3: acknowledgement

I tried using the \begin{dedication}\end{dedication} and \begin{acknowledgement}\end{acknowledgement} commands but it does not work, so I guess I dont have the package or I need to define a new environment?

How would I go about adding a dedication/acknowledgement similar to the image below?

some image

Currently my code is roughly as follows:

\usepackage{titling} % for useful adjustments to the titles
\usepackage{url} % for simple url formatting
% command to make the course info
  \textit{E-mail:} & \url{myemail@email.edu}\\
  \textit{Course:} & #2\\
  \textit{Professor:} & #1
% add the extra information after the date

\title{\textbf{Course Name}}
\author{My Name}
\myinfo{Professor Name}{Stats} % provide course and prof info



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You don't really need an environment for this kind of thing. You can add

\par\vspace*{.35\textheight}{\centering Dedicated to my parents\par}
A lot of people helped me.

This will format the acknowledgements page like a chapter, but it won't appear in the table of contents, which is probably what you need. Alternatively, you can just format the Acknowledgements page manually, in which case you would do it similarly to the dedication page (with a \clearpage before it.)

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Thanks alan, didnt know I could do such a thing! – Gary Feb 25 '12 at 23:21

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