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TeX4ht converts all \(...\), \[...\], $$...$$ and other math environments to png format. However, it does not convert $...$ to png. It first tries to use html codes for $...$ math, and if it is not possible, then it converts to png.

Can I enforce TeX4ht to convert ALL math to png?

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According to Advanced Usage of TeX4ht:

You can convert all inline math to picture format by putting the following commands in a configuration file:


\Configure{PicMath}{}{}{}{class=’’math’’; align=’’absmiddle’’}

Note that, unless you want to make extensive use of TeX fields, there’s no way to do this selectively, so you may find yourself faced with a large increase in the number of images the program generates.

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Thanks a lot. This works! – Chang Mar 2 '12 at 16:54

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