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I want to overlay one graphic over the another in my latex, however the white background is annoyingly transparent. To over come this I want to draw a rectangle of white behind the overlayed figure. like this:

\put(50,10){\psframe[framearc=0.3,% The box !!!!!

But I get the error:

!!! Warning: Empty Bounding Box is returned by Ghostscript!
!!!   Page 8: 0 0 0 0
!!! Either there is a problem with the page or with Ghostscript.
!!! Recovery is tried by embedding the page in its original size.

I guess an all white box dosn't have its bounding box detected? Any Ideas why? Am I doing something stupid?


p.s. another minor annoance with the above is that i cant use


withough screwing up the scaling of the overlayed graphic


so i have to use scale instead and guess a good value.

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It makes no sense to mix LaTeX and PSTricks commands. However, I cannot test your example in fact of missing images. This works with a red box to make it visible:



\put(50,10){\psframe*[framearc=0.3,% The box !!!!!

enter image description here

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