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I have a special table layout in which i want to place figures. The table looks like this:

" Figure 1       | Figure 2                      |"
"----------------|                               |"
" Figure 3       |                               |"   

I created this table with the following LaTeX code:

\begin{tabular}{l l}

\includegraphics[width=0.35\textwidth]{Figure1} & \multirow{2}
{*}{\includegraphics[width=0.65\textwidth]{Figure2}} \\



However when it comes to layouting the table it places the figure somewhere in the vertical center of the multirow cell, like this:

" Figure 1       |                               |"
"----------------| Figure 2                      |"
" Figure 3       |                               |"   

How do I get it up to the desired position (same top position as Figure 1)?

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http://www.ctex.org/documents/packages/table/multirow.pdf documents another optional parameter for fiddling with the text positioning:


Simply try a few lengths in fixup; 12pt or 1em may be good starting points, but it will take some trial and error whenever the table formatting changes to find a new, good position.

(I wonder what would happen if you added a \vfill at the end of text -- will it fill the table cell or will it fill far too much?)

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NICE. The Fixup worked! You have to play with the parameter but thats okay for me!! \vfill did not work. But I'm not a profesional and I cannot say why specifically – user1128077 Feb 29 '12 at 11:27

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