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I have a font that is distributed with italic small caps. I'd like to use these with fontinst. Does the current release of fontinst support italic small caps, and if so, what Karl Berry name should I use for the font so that it will be recognized by fontinst? (note: I am intending on using the font with pdflatex and not xelatex!)

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In fontinst, you can always program whatever you want, but \latinfamily to the best of my knowledge does not support italic small caps.

About the actual font names: in the 'short' Karl Berry scheme, there is no way to have smallcaps other than upright (which in turn is likely why it is not supported by fontinst).

In the new 'long names' system, you could write something like this:


but as fontinst does not understand such names, I don't think that helps much, and you could as well stick to the vendor naming.

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