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There are commercial software that create the look of an analog page flipping effect from a PDF document. Is there a similar animation in TeX? (Not to be confused with flippdf package which gives a mirror image for printing machines.)

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I am sorry, but I feel so very strongly against this kind of useless distracting effects, so -1. If I could rid the world of this effect, I would, to make the world a better place. – morbusg Mar 4 '12 at 10:52
@morbusg As someone who was comfortable with simplicity of troff I appreciate your point of view. These pages are filled with ways of how to provide sharp digital presentations in professional gatherings. However, in the field of education, analog looks and soft feels are time-honored ways to teach. I am trying to find those analog looks, in a digital world, that hopefully improve the educational experience and make the world a better place. – Maesumi Mar 6 '12 at 3:57
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I recommend using Impressive: It's a presentation software written in Python and running on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Amongst other transition effects, it supports two page flipping effects, PagePeel and PageTurn. The transitions can be configured in a text file.


If you have a presentation mytalk.pdf, create a text file called mytalk.pdf.info. In order to use e. g. the PageTurn effect between slide 1 and 2 and to use no transitions in the rest of the presentation, the contents of this file would look like this:

DocumentTitle = "My talk"
PageProps = {
  1: {
       'transition': PageTurn
AvailableTransitions = [None]

More information on how to configure the appearance of your presentations can be found in the Impressive manual.

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