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I want to have multiple bibliographies within my CV (moderncv class) so I've been using multibib. The trouble is, multibib automatically places a bibliography title above each bibliography, which I do not always want.

At the beginning of my document I have:

\newcites{Jn,Cp,Pt}{{Journal Articles},{Conference Proceedings},{Patents}}

Then, when I have


I end up with patents twice, one from the section heading, and one from the bibliography title. I want to keep the section heading, so the bibliography title needs to go.

I've tried leaving the bibliography title out of the \newcites command, like this

\newcites{Jn,Cp,Pt}{{Journal Articles},{Conference Proceedings},{}}

But this just results in a big space between the section title and the first bibliography item.

I also tried


which was suggested here, but I still ended up with patents twice.

Any suggestions?

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moderncv adjusts the bibliography environment to issue \subsection when multibib is loaded.

You should be able to correct this by saying


after \begin{document}

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That did it! Thanks. I guess you have some experience with the moderncv package. – Ben Mar 6 '12 at 18:48
@Ben Never used. :) But the issue was very clear when looking inside the class file. – egreg Mar 6 '12 at 18:53

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