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At the begining of the .tex file I put

\title{title here}

\author{name 1
       \and name 2
       \and name 3 
       \and name 4 
       \and name 5 \\ 
       \small institution\\
       \small department \thanks{thanks here}}

but in the PDF file (\maketitle) it gets 2 names in the same line, and the other names and institution are in separate lines. How can I fix this so I can have all the names in separate lines? I tried with \\ between the ones that are in the same line but it doesn't work?

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The authblk package provides an easy way to do this. See this question for a slightly more complex version of what you want. Adding more than one author with different affiliation. Alternatively, you could use a simple {tabular} inside the \author command. – Alan Munn Mar 8 '12 at 5:34
Thank you, tabular worked like a charm – aortizmena Mar 8 '12 at 6:07
Still, the actual question remains unanswered: Is the number of authors restricted? – doncherry Mar 8 '12 at 9:47
The answer is NO. In my answer I have added nine authors and one can add more. We can put many authors without restriction and using authblk we can format neatly. authblk can manage the affiliations for n` number of authors without any trouble. for details one can refer the documentation of authblk – Harish Kumar Mar 8 '12 at 10:32
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You can do it with authblk package.

\usepackage{authblk} % < ---------you can add the option [noblocks] for names in the same line
\title{Title here}
\author[1]{Author -- 1\footnote{Corresponding author}}
\author[1]{Author -- 2}
\author[1]{Author -- 3}
\author[1]{Author -- 4}
\author[2]{Author -- 5}
\author[2]{Author -- 6}
\author[2]{Author -- 7}
\author[2]{Author -- 8}
\author[2]{Author -- 9}
\affil[1]{Department of Physics, Your Institute,}
\affil[2]{Department of Physics, Another Institute}
Your abstract here.
\section{Section goes here}

enter image description here

For more details from command prompt run texdoc authblk.

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+1, but are all of \usepackage{fullpage,xspace,setspace,amsmath,lscape} really necessary? We like to keep solutions minimal, i.e. they should only contain what's needed to solve the OP's problem. The same applies to [a4paper,12pt]. The abstract and section title are alright to give you a better impression of what a document would look like, I'd say. – doncherry Mar 8 '12 at 9:15

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