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I need to distribute theme files to several colleagues, and the templates I'm working off of all have this header:

Copyright year by name <email>

This file may be distributed and/or modified

1. under the LaTeX Project Public License and/or
2. under the GNU Public License.

See the file doc/licenses/LICENSE for more details.

I read through the Beamer manual's copyright section, am I interpreting it correctly that this is all I need to include in the file?


Since the theme files don't have to be placed in the LaTeX distribution location (they'll also work in the compiling directory) I wanted to clear that last line up some. I was going to specify a more specific path, but it turns out I can't find the correct doc/licenses/* files either. Looking at LICENSE which I found on what looks like CTAN, none of the other files are there. I can't find manifest-code.txt, I can't find manifest-documentation.txt, and I can't find the plain text version of the license. I can't even find that directory in either of the LaTeX distributions I have access to. Since I know the license is in the Beamer manual, I'll just direct to that with

See the Section 'Licenses and Copyright' in the Beamer manual for more details.
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personally, i would be happy with that, except i don't know where doc/licenses/LICENSE would live -- it had better be something relative to where the licence statement lives. subject to that, it would pass the ctan catalogue checks.

note that the ctan catalogue only ever lists a single licence. which one gets chosen to appear in the catalogue page for the package is up to the ctan team member who gets to write the catalogue entry.

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ah, good point. i'd be distributing this via email to my department, and while my colleagues would have the ability to either place it in their latex distribution (where doc is), they'd also be able to just place it in the directory where they're compiling. maybe i should clear that last line up. – aeroNotAuto Mar 10 '12 at 20:42

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