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The solution provided here

Make one author's name bold every time it shows up in the bibliography

does unfortunately not work, as soon as the Author's name contains special characters, e.g. Hans M{\"u}ller? How can this problem be solved?

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The following modification of this answer seems to work if you use the plain bib style:

  \StrSubstitute{#2}{Hans M{\"u}ller}{\textbf{Hans M{\"u}ller}}\par}


author={M{\"u}ller, Gerd},
title={Scoring goals},
journal={J. Applied Soccer},
author={M{\"u}ller, Hans},
title={Splitting hairs},
journal={J. Abstract Tetrapiloctomy},



  \StrSubstitute{#2}{Hans M{\"u}ller}{\textbf{Hans M{\"u}ller}}\par}





enter image description here

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Well, the simple example indeed works, but if I use a more complex example, e.g. with the web.sty and URLs, I receive the error message(s): unaway argument? ... ! Paragraph ended before \BR@c@bibitem was complete. <to be read again> \par – Patrick Jöckel Mar 13 '12 at 21:26
@PatrickJöckel This is not a forum, but a "question and answers" site. Please, edit the original question, rather than adding "non answers". You need to register, though. A moderator will merge the "different identities". – egreg Mar 13 '12 at 21:29

I finally found a straightforward solution by modifying the .bbl-file with sed:

bibtex mydoc

mv my.bbl my.bbl.ori 

cat my.bbl.ori | tr '\n' '\t' | sed 's/\(M{\\\"u}ller, *\t* *H.\)/\\textbf{\1}/g'  | tr '\t' '\n' > my.bbl

The trick is to convert newlines to tabs in order to enable sed to wrap the name into \texbf{...}, even if there is a newline in between.

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