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I'm placing a background in my report document, using the LaTeX wallpaper package. However, I am not able to easily place a document on all pages except for one (the title page). I am using \ULCornerWallPaper{1}{background.pdf} in my preamble to set the background, but if I use \ClearWallPaper, which was the only related command I found in the documentation, then the background simply disappears on all pages.

How can I make the background appear in the whole document, except for on a specific page (without having to add it manually to all pages)?

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You can use \ULCornerWallPaper{1}{background.pdf} in the document itself, not in the preamble:

Putting it on a specific page (e.g. after \newpage or \end{titlepage} or whatever) will make the background appear on all pages starting from that page.

(Similarly, putting \ClearWallPaper on some page will remove the background from all pages starting with that one.)

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Try the xwatermark package. You can specify the pages that should receive the watermark. Use the key

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