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Is it possible to add a line by line discussion of my proof? I'm using the harvey mudd college math template, so the least amount of packages or class editing would be great.

I'm looking for the following.

equation line comment about the proof

3+x=4 we are trying to solve for x

x=4-3 Subtract 3 from both sides

x=1 x must be one

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There are many ways to do this. Please review Herbert Voss's comprehensive review of mathematics in (La)TeX

But, one way is to use the align environment from the amsmath package:

enter image description here

Another option to consider is to use \intertext (or \shortintertext from the mathtools package which yields tighter spacing):

enter image description here

Code: align:


    3+x &=4 && \text{we are trying to solve for } x\\
    x &=4-3 && \text{Subtract 3 from both sides}\\
    x &=1   && x \text{ must be one}

Code: \shortintertext:


\shortintertext{We are trying to solve for $x$:}
    3+x &=4 \\
\shortintertext{Subtract 3 from both sides:}
    x &=4-3 \\
\shortintertext{Hence, $x$ must be one:}
    x &=1 
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This is great! Thank you! – arete Mar 13 '12 at 2:29

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