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How can I have underlined links with hyperref?

That means how to configure hyperref not to change the color of the printout but use underlined active links which are completely transparent in print.

The condition for an answer to be qualified would be not to make code changes in a local copy of the hyperref macros, working for linebraking/hyphenation of links in dvi/PS as well as PDF output, configuration for different dvi-drivers (e.g. pstricks.con). Options to specify underline color, linewidth, relative position/offset to baseline are a plus but functional not essential.

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You can try this:

            allbordercolors={0 0 0},
            pdfborderstyle={/S/U/W 1}]{hyperref}



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allbordercolors={0 0 0} breaks my document, and adding pdfborderstyle={/S/U/W 1} on its own has no effect... –  Edward Newell Mar 15 at 20:06
@EdwardNewell: allbordercolors is defined in version 2011/02/05 6.82a. Underlined links are not supported by all PDF viewers. See also section "Link border style" of hyperref's README. –  Heiko Oberdiek Mar 15 at 20:12

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