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I'm running XeLaTeX from a shell script and would like to check for exit codes, to see if an error was encountered during processing.

So I'm looking for a list of possible exit codes. I've checked the documentation and googled quite extensively but can't find such a list.


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are you sure it will support exit codes. I assume you've tried XeLaTex --help and strings /path/to/XeLaTex? Try doing XeLaTex .. args_as_needed ... NONEXISTANTFILE ; echo $? to see if it catches that simple error. If that reports an error, then see what error code is returned if you give it a deliberately malformed document. Depending on your need, that may be enough. Good luck! – shellter Mar 13 '12 at 15:26
Thanks. --help did not give any info on return codes. The echo $ method helped, hadn't thought of that. So far I gathered that return code 0 means no (significant) errors, 1 means problems. – Richard Kranendonk Mar 13 '12 at 16:03
yes, that's right. You seldom see a return code from an application higher than 3 or 4 (all non-zeros mean some kind of error). You can build tests like if XLateX ... args .. File file2... ; then echo everything OK ; else echo error processing file ; fi` OR xLatext...args... ; rc=$? ; case ${rc} in 0) echo OK ;; * ) echo got error code ${rc} ;; esac` Got to go. Good luck. – shellter Mar 13 '12 at 16:09
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There's no support for exit codes different from 0 or 1, I'm afraid.

The presence of warnings, as opposed to errors, can be checked for with the texloganalyser script.

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