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The information I have found on the web indicates that the \subparagraph level should be available in an IEEEtrans article. I'm using TeXLive 2009, pdflatex.

The relevant preamble line:

\documentclass[conference, 11pt]{IEEEtran}

In the document itself, the usage is


    a bunch of text


    a bunch more text

The error I'm getting is: ERROR: Undefined control sequence.

Is this a usage mistake--that is, I'm not using the correct command name or I'm not including a package--or is it a function of the IEEEtrans conference class that it does not allow \subparagraph?

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Reading Section VI of the IEEEtran manual will show you the allowed heading levels. More than the listed ones are not possible without manual intervention.

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RTFM. Always good advice. – philosodad Nov 3 '10 at 4:33

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