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I am using the acronym package in the thesis. This is the first time I am using this so don't know much. But I did something like this.

  \acro{2G}{2nd Generation}
  \acro{3GPP}{3rd Generation Partnership Project}

This is ok and gives me the acronym list but I find that the output is not properly indented.

so its like

2G 2nd Generation
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project

I want the abbreviations and full forms properly indented so that it looks better. So something like.

2G         2nd Generation
3GPP       3rd Generation Partnership Project

How do I do this?

EDIT: Also, I find that the list is not sorted. How do I get the acronym list sorted by alphabets.

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As for your second question, I am not aware of a solution using acronym but it can be done using glossaries. The package you are using at the moment is as far as I can tell nothing more than a tool for an appropriate layout, glossaries can do (much more).

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I unhesitatingly second this advice. If there were any way to do it, do yourself a favour and switch to the glossaries package right now. You won't be sorry; it's the best package out there since sliced packaged bread (except for microtype, that is). :) – Geoffrey Jones Nov 2 '10 at 15:49

Put the longest acronym in brackets after \begin{acronym}:


(Learned from the acronym documentation.)

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This works but it messes my fonts. – 71GA Mar 22 '12 at 21:32

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