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I'm using the moderncv template and I want to add a footnote inside the last part of the \cventry{}{}{}{}{}{} tag, something like this:

\cventry{Aug 2008}{Title}{}{}{}{text text text \footnote{footnote text} text text text.}

Unfortunately, LaTeX inserts the footnote directly under the \cventry instead of at the bottom of the page. I already included \usepackage[bottom]{footmisc} in the preamble but this did not solve the problem.

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moderncv places many of its items in LaTeX minipages which have their own footnote areas.

You may use \footnotemark at the point that you want the mark and \footnotetext{some text} at a point in the source document that is at the outer level and can allow the footnote to migrate to the bottom of the main page.

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In addition to @David Carlisle's answer, I'd add that if you place your footnotetext at the "end" of a page, it might not end up all the way down the page, depending on whether the page is filled or not.

Also, you might want the footnote to appear in the footer of the CV if you use a template that doesn't use the footer.

In order to achieve these, you can use:

\footnotetext{Your footnote text}
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