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I am trying to put the same footnote on to two different places - saving and re-using the footnote counter. Here is what I want to do (part of a larger doc - a paper out of my dissertation):

%Start LateX snippet%

$\Delta$ Age\footnote{\FNTabAge}        
\newcounter{savetmp01} \setcounter{savetmp01}{\value{mpfootnote}} %Save "a"%

\newcounter{savetmp02} \setcounter{savetmp02}{\arabic{mpfootnote}} %Save "b"%

Grade\footnotemark[\arabic{savetmp02}] x Non-English %Reuse "b" - works%

$\Delta$ Age\footnotemark[\arabic{savetmp01}] x Non-English %Reuse "a" - does not work. Instead it shows "b"%

I want to save the footnote counter first when defining $Delta$ Age, and then again when explaining Grade.

The first re-use works perfectly well (both show the same footnotemark "b"), but the second re-use does not work - I am getting "b" again, instead of "a" as I want it.

Any ideas? Already tried using \thesavetmp01 or \value{savetmp01}, but no luck.

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I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, but the savefnmark package seems to do what you need:

\usepackage[paperheight=6cm]{geometry}% just for the example


Some text\footnote{footnote 1 in text} some more text\footnote{footnote 2 in text}\saveFN\sft\  and now more text and the same footnote counter that was saved\useFN\sft\ and perhaps more text and we finally use the counter one more time\useFN\sft.


enter image description here

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