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I am using the memoir class on my thesis and I have the \DoubleSpacing command in my document to set up double spacing through the document. This works great.

However, I have a figure with subfigures using \subbottom[]{\includegraphics{}} command, and the text in the caption shows with single spacing. How can I activate double spacing in the caption?

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Just insert the command \DoubleSpacing at the start of the caption material as well. To avoid getting an error message, also provide a short caption as the second, optional argument (in square brackets) to the \caption command. The contents of the short caption will be used when the List of Figures is generated with the \listoffigures command. In the MWE below, the short caption consists of just the first three words of the long caption.

Even if you're absolutely sure that you are not going to generate a list of figures for your document, you still need to provide a short caption. (It could be as simple as [] if you won't be generating a list of figures.) Otherwise, you'll get an error message, which is caused by the \DoubleSpacing command and by LaTeX's behind-the-scenes attempt to create a "short caption" automatically from the long caption if a short caption is not supplied explicitly.

\usepackage{lipsum} % for filler text
\caption[Nam dui ligula]{\DoubleSpacing\lipsum[2]}

Aside: It's usually considered to be more reader-friendly to provide (i) a fairly short caption header (i.e., one that fits on a single line) and (ii) a longer, self-contained description of the figure's (or table's) contents elsewhere in the figure (table) environment.

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Thanks! This worked. Where are the short captions printed? I don't see them anywhere. – Amelio Vazquez-Reina Mar 21 '12 at 21:24
The short captions are used by the \listoffigures command to generate the contents of the "List of Figures" part of the document. I didn't include this command in the MWE as it wasn't clear to me if you needed one for your document. The point is that even if you're not going to generate a List of Figures, you still need to provide a short caption because otherwise LaTeX will break down with an error message that's caused by the presence of the \DoubleSpacing command inside the long caption. – Mico Mar 21 '12 at 21:51

This question is old, but I had the same issue and didn't want to edit each caption individually.

There is a much more elegant solution in memoir: the \DoubleSpacing* command. But what if you don't want everything double spaced, only the body and captions? Then you'll need to control them separately.

Here's my memoir-friendly solution in a MWE:




\chapter{Some chapter}
\kant*[1]\footnote{single spaced footnote: \kant[4]}
Some table comes here


Now you can control the captions separately from other text.

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