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This is not a tex question per se, but I think it is not totally off-topic either. I heard a while ago, that when one creates a pdf, besides its content a pdf can also store some meta-information (for example the name of the user that created the pdf, the program with which it was created etc.), similar to ID3-tags (I believe they're called).

Is this true ?

If yes, is there any way to edit this information ?

EDIT: I'm sorry, my explanation weren't good. I meant editing the pdf without having its source tex fil (so using hyperref won't apply).

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Setting metadata outside of a TeX run is off-topic for us, sorry. – Joseph Wright Mar 24 '12 at 16:45
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It's possible to set the information also without hyperref (but notice that when this package is used, the following method must not be used):

  /Title (example.pdf)
  /Creator (TeX)
  /Producer (pdfTeX 1.40.12)
  /Author (Tom and Jerry)
  /CreationDate (D:20061226154343+01’00’)
  /ModDate (D:20061226155343+01’00’)
  /Subject (Example)
  /Keywords (mouse, cat) }

(taken from the documentation of pdfTeX). It's not necessary to set all the fields.

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with hyperref you can write some informations into the pdf:


  pdfkeywords={foo bar baz}



Also possible:

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As mentioned you can use \pdfinfo, or the hyperref package.

Alternatively, you can use the xmpincl package. I am not sure whether hyperref dominates xmpincl or vice versa concerning features and functionality. At least it is possible to specify a license and such with xmpincl, which will get its own tab in the pdf metadata.

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