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I would like to wrap some text around a tabular as the figure shows.

Do I have to use minipage and fix the width of the table, and the width of the text on the left hand?

Isn't there a simpler way?

enter image description here

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This is a MWE for David's answer (supplement).

This is where the table goes with text wrapping around it. You may 
embed tabular environment inside wraptable environment and customize as you like.
\caption{A wrapped table going nicely inside the text.}\label{wrap-tab:1}
Header-1 & Header-1 & Header-1 \\\midrule
2 &3 & 5\\  \midrule
2 &3 & 5\\  \midrule
2 &3 & 5\\  \bottomrule
Table~\ref{wrap-tab:1} is a wrapped table.

enter image description here

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The wrapfig package provides this functionality.

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