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I need some help with creating an appendix for my thesis. I have about 10 figures which need to be in the appendix. I have a good appendix with the following code:



I have a main thesis.tex file where I call this appendix.tex file after the last chapter. Problems are:

  1. The appendix starts without any notice that it is the appendix except for the chapter number being A, but I want to have either a separate page which says "Appendix" prior to the start of the appendix or on top of the first appendix page to explicitly say "Appendix".
  2. Now I use the \chapter{} command to have the title of the appendix but I think I will have only one chapter in the appendix. Is there some command which can make the title insited of chapter?
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The appendix package could be used here; the toc and page package options and the appendices environment will do what you need:



\chapter{Regular Chapter}
\chapter{Some Appendix}
The contents...

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Saved my time. Many thanks! – NathanInMac Apr 18 '13 at 7:46
How can I change the 'Chapter A: Title' for 'Annex A:...'? – F_Jofre_A Aug 26 '14 at 1:01

A different solution that I use is below. I like each appendix to start at the top of a new page as well as the bibliography. I also like to have a label to the appendices for a reference using\ref{}.

\section{\\Title of Appendix A} \label{App:AppendixA}
% the \\ insures the section title is centered below the phrase: AppendixA

Text of Appendix A is Here

\section{\\Title of Appendix B} \label{App:AppendixB}
% the \\ insures the section title is centered below the phrase: Appendix B

Text of Appendix B is Here



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Welcome to TeX.sx! Instead of using line breaks in the document body, centering section titles should be done in the preamble, e.g., with the titlesec package. – lockstep Jan 8 '13 at 6:50
No need to use \newpage. – JohnTortugo Mar 26 '13 at 20:45

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