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I'm about to submit my thesis and I just noticed the first pages have different sidemargins to the rest of the text :(. They are supposed to be 2.5cm and they apper of ~ 1in.

I tracked the problem to the different environments I declare for each of these pages but can't figure out how to change them back [I have looked around before asking but haven't find the solution], here's a brief example of one of the environments:

\newenvironment{myenvironment} {\thispagestyle{plain}
  {\Large \bfseries TITLE}

For some reason the above code overrides the margin settings of the rest of the document. I have tried to declare them inside the environment using \setlength and also the geometry package (\newgeometry{top=X, bottom=Y}) to no avail.

This is my first big LaTeX project so I'm probably missing something here. Thanks!

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Yous can use geometry package.


You can simply say [margin=2.5cm] to have all margins as 2.5cm. Change tha paper as you wish. In the middle if you want to change the lay out, you can use


and after some pages if you want old layout back, just say


For details run texdoc geometry from command prompt.

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First of all, 2.5cm is about 0.98 inches, so you're drawing a thin line here. Second, your code includes \begin{quote} ... \end{quote} which sets additional margins.

You can substitute \begin{quote} by \list{}{\rightmargin=0pt \leftmargin=0pt} \item\relax and \end{quote} by \endlist. (not tested).

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Thank you! That works just fine. :) – Liz Mar 29 '12 at 11:16
@Liz If you found the answer useful, please accept the answer by ticking the green check mark. – Koji Mar 29 '12 at 11:37

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