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How can I shift the F_{2}(f') label so that it isn't touching the arrow?

    \[ \xymatrix{ A \ar@{<->}[rrrr]^{F_{1}(h' \circ g')} \ar@{<.>}[rrd]_{F_{1}(g')} \ar@{<->}[dd]_{ F_{2}(f'')} &&&& C \ar@{<->}[dd]^{F_{2}(f)} \\
    && B \ar@{<.>}[rru]_{F_{1}(h')} \ar@{<->}[dd]^{F_{2}(f')} \\
    A' \ar@{<->}'[rr]^{F_{1}(h \circ g)}[rrrr] \ar@{<.>}[rrd]_{F_{1}(g)} &&&& C' \\
    && B' \ar@{<.>}[rru]_{F_{1}(h)} }
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You can say explicitly at what position along the arrow to put the label:


The default position is (.5)

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Perfect! Thanks so much egreg :) –  j4fj49 Mar 31 '12 at 15:19
@j4fj49: Don't forget to accept this answer if it solved your problem. –  doncherry Apr 8 '12 at 11:48

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