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How would I add some spacings starting at the black arrows in the picture below? As in, I am trying to move the text towards the right a bit, like starting a new paragraph. Thanks.

enter image description here


\newtheorem{thm}{Theorem}[chapter] % reset theorem numbering for each chapter

\newtheorem{defn}[thm]{Definition} % definition numbers are dependent on theorem numbers
\newtheorem{exmp}[thm]{Example} % same for example numbers


\title{My Thesis Title}
\author{My Name}



This is just an example. This is just an example.This is just an example.
\textit{This is just an example.}
\textit{This is just an example.This is just an example.This is just an example.This is just an example.}
\textit{This is just an example.This is just an example.gsdasdasdasdasfdasfaxbcxbcxb}
\textit{Prove that for $4 < x < 122$,
x^2 + 5x = 235325y \nonumber
is the solution to $n^2$.}
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[Edit] The problem is that you use \\\\ to start a new paragraph. Just use an empty line. (Thanks David) [/Edit]

You probably want to use


or a more convenient length. Though 1em is quite common.

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also you should always start a paragraph with a blank line not with \\\\ – David Carlisle Mar 31 '12 at 17:30
@DavidCarlisle whoops, I hadn't checked his code example well enough. Only if there was no \usepackage{parskip}. – jmc Mar 31 '12 at 17:33
thanks jmc and David! – Gary Mar 31 '12 at 17:39

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